Ladies Terling Cricket Club, colloquially dubbed the Prosecco Pandas, was founded in 2021 to provide ladies of all ages and abilities the chance to get involved in sport in a friendly and relaxed environment.

We meet every Friday night to not only hone our cricket skills, but also to meet new people and socialise.

What started as an idea over a pint at the local pub, the team has grown exponentially and gone from strength to strength with now over 30 ladies attending regularly.

What we do!

We play in the ‘soft lane’. Although we play on the cricket pitch and follow the traditional rules of the game, we play with a softer ball.

When we play!

Friday night (weather permitting)

6:15pm – Training to include batting, bowling, and fielding techniques.

7pm – An informal game where everyone gets a chance to put their training to the test.

Where we train!

Terling Cricket Club

The Dismals



Why we do it!

It’s all about the enjoyment and allowing women to take part in sport in a safe and friendly environment where everyone feels comfortable, and not just on the cricket pitch. As the team grows and friendships continue to thrive, we will also be enjoying many social events together in the future and are quite partial to a tipple or two after we have played. Now you see where the name Prosecco Pandas derives from…

Who can join?

Anyone and everyone is welcome at Terling Ladies Cricket Club. Young, old, rookie or expert, come along! We are an inclusive club and welcome anyone who wants to come along to watch or play.

Join Our Online Community

Why not follow us on our social media channels to keep up to date with the latest goings on within the Ladies Terling Cricket Team. Or, if you’ve decided that you would like to join us, come along one Friday night, we’d love to see you!