£15.00 per team entered (you can enter as many teams as you like, it's all for a good cause)  

50% of each entry fee will be put into a prize pot  

50% of each entry fee will go towards the club  

Prize money for 1st, 2nd 3rd - (Figures will be announced once all teams have been entered)  

MVP prizes to be awarded for top performing players at the end of the season (Prizes TBC)  

Each squad most consist of 14 players in total.  

Each squad must have a minimum of 3 batsmen, 3 bowlers, 3 all rounders, 1 wicket keeper.  

The total value of your initial squad most not exceed £100m  

You must select 11 players each week from your squad of 14, each starting 11 must comprise of a wicket keeper, 2 bowlers, 2 batsmen, 2 all rounders.  

You will be able to select a captain and vice captain each game week, your captain will score double points, if your captain does not play you will receive double points for your vice captain.  

If a player in your selected starting 11 doesn't play in that game week you will then receive points for a player on your subs bench who did play, for example; One of your bowlers doesn’t play, you will then receive points for a Bowler on your subs bench who did play. If no bowler from your subs plays you will then receive points for the highest scoring player on your bench.  

Unlimited changes can be made for free until the deadline set for the first game week of the season.  

From game week 1 onwards you will receive 1 FREE transfer to use each week if you wish, if you would like to make additional changes you will receive a 10 point deduction to your overall score. Transfers must be made before midnight the day before the game week begins.  

These can be played just the once each during the season.  

 “Free hit” - Unlimited changes can be made to your side with no points deductions.  

 12th Man” - You will receive points for all players on your subs bench for that game week.  

 “Hit for Six” (Triple captain) You will receive triple points for your chosen captain instead of double in this game week, if your captain does not play then your vice captain will receive triple points.  


Being in the starting XI: 1 Point  

Man of the Match: 10 Points  

Numpty of the day: -5 Points (Decided by the team as a whole) 

Captain: Double points   



Wickets taken: 5 Points  

4 wicket haul: 10 bonus points  

5 wicket haul: 25 bonus points  

Maidens bowled: 3 points  

Overall economy 5 or above: -2 points  



Duck : -5 points  

Golden duck: -15 points  

Every run scored: 1 point  

Every 4 hit: 2 bonus points  

Every 6 hit: 4 bonus points  

Half century: 15 bonus points  

Century: 25 bonus points  

Not out: 10 points  



Catch: 5 points  

Run out/Stumping: 10 points  


PLayer prices

£100m Budget

Rahul Jagota£9.0m
Tim Harrison£9.0m
Craig Twin£9.0m
Krish Govender£8.5m
Marti Cullum£8.5m
Keith Dawson£8.5m
Adam Wilding£7.0m
Brad Mitchell£6.5m
Russell Thorpe£6.0m
Mark Ovenden£6.0m
Freddie Strutt£4.0m
Will Strutt£3.5m
Oli Palmer£3.0m
Gary Pipe£5.5m
John Marshall£9.0m
Liam Humphries£9.0m
Adam Twin£9.0m
James Atkinson£8.0m
Ben Spooner£7.5m
Joe Matthams£8.0m
Felix Tritton£5.5m
Luke Wilsher£5.0m
Kieran Mustoe£4.5m
Jonathon Webb£4.5m
Hugo Strutt£3.5m
Ted Summers£4.5m
John Woolfenden£4.0m
Marcus Jessiman£4.0m
All RoundersPrice
Charlie Gibson£9.0m
Tristan Woolfenden£9.0m
Owen Dawson£9.0m
Chris Wager£9.0m
Ryan Dawson£8.5m
Greg Oldham£8.5m
Gavin Woolfenden£8.5m
Andy Hodgkiss£7.5m
Peter Tompkin£6.0m
Henry Thorpe£4.5m
Emily Thorpe£4.5m
Glen Spooner£6.5m
Leigh Jessiman£5.5m
Wicket KeepersPrice
Alex Taylor£8.0m
Graham Bird£7.0m
Connor Dudley£5.0m