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Writtle Tennis Academy is a tennis coaching organisation that is working hard to put itself at the centre of the Chelmsford community. Our aim is to provide effective tennis coaching for all ages and abilities, with a sustainable model that will involve all aspects of the local community and beyond.

We teach in Writtle Tennis Club, schools, colleges and universities throughout Chelmsford, Essex and have an active disability programme, catering for beginners through to advanced club players.

We develop unique coaching programs for students using group and individual lessons incorporating both racket and fitness sessions. We understand that we are not just developing tennis skills but are providing movement, coordination, tactical, physical, mental and social skills. We develop the person as well as the player and do all those things in a professional safe environment.

www.writtletennisacdemy.co.uk andy@writtletennisacademy.co.uk 

 +44 (0) 7983 523 613 | 

Club Chairman, average batsman, terrible fielder, awful banter. Used to be good fun, not any more